The Internship – the unexpected lesson

Turning an idea into a reality is often easier said than done. Everyday I open up my Twitter account or favorite news page to inspiring stories of people who are turning their back on conventional life paths to pursue their dreams.

Although these success stories kickstart my little dream machine, the logical side of me starts to wonder: could that really happen for anyone? Or are there a set conditions that allow these “everyday” people to rise to the top and live out their dreams?

From a Millennial’s perspective, I desperately want to believe that hard work and belief will pay off (a la every Disney movie ever made.) But it has become increasingly hard for me to buy into all of that, especially when today’s reality is terrifying and ridden with strife.

This debate was played out in the feel-good summer movie: The Internship with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. As two middle aged workers refusing to become obsolete, Wilson and Vaughn take internships with Google in an attempt to turn their lives around. Critics will note that the film followed a similar storyline to Wedding Crashers (a favorite of mine) and other Owen + Vince films, but The Internship warmed my heart by showing how the “entitled” millennials have really been robbed of their ability to dream with reckless abandon and believe that they can achieve those dreams.

Well, much like The Internship I hope to find real people who have achieved their dream lives by opening their own businesses or starting their own non-profits. I plan to share their experiences and their insights so that we can learn and be inspired by the changemakers of tomorrow.